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Adult Education: Wednesdays at 4pm (est)

We are finishing up Derech Hashem/The Way of God.

 Composed in Amsterdam (c.1735 - c.1745 CE). Derech Hashem is a classic work of Jewish philosophy. It is a systematic examination of God's regulation of the world, and it discusses God’s purpose in creation, Divine providence, prophecy and prayer.

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Of all creatures, only the human being was created incomplete in the sense that one must pay conscientious attention over the course of a lifetime to develop and refine one's character and personality. In Jewish tradition, this development takes on a sacred dimension, and one of the classic guides to outline a clear, progressive path toward spiritual perfection is The Path of the Just.


The earliest known manuscript version was written in 1738, and begins with an essential essay on Man's Duty in this World. The author methodically charts a course of personal growth like climbing the rungs of a spiritual ladder that ultimately leads to true humility and holiness. (Readers will notice the male/female binary pronoun usage as substitutes for God and Humanity. This will be very jarring to some. I invite any such Reader to consider that character development is not gender specific.)