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The Lemon Treeby Sandy Tolan


In 1967, Bashir Khairi, a twenty-five-year-old Palestinian, journeyed to Israel with the goal of seeing the beloved stone house with the lemon tree behind it that he and his family had fled nineteen years earlier. To his surprise, when he found the house he was greeted by Dalia Eshkenazi Landau, a nineteen-year-old Israeli college student, whose family left fled Europe for Israel following the Holocaust. On the stoop of their shared home, Dalia and Bashir began a rare friendship, forged in the aftermath of war and tested over the next half century in ways that neither could imagine on that summer day in 1967. Sandy Tolan brings the Israeli-Palestinian conflict down to its most human level, demonstrating that even amid the bleakest political realities there exist stories of hope and transformation.



Friday, January 7th, 2022 at 6pm

We are pleased to be able to resume this CEC tradition! The first Friday of each month we meet as a community for dinner before attending services together. 

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Monday, January 10th at 6pm, Synagogue Boardroom.

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ADULT EDUCATION: Wednesdays at 4pm (est)

We are reading Pirke Avot.

Pirkei Avot is among the most well known of all writings in Rabbinic Judaism. Pirkei Avot is so-named, according to the great commentator Rashi (11th century France), because it contains the “sayings” of the first “fathers” of Judaism. Originally known simply as Avot it is one of the sixty-three tractates found in the Mishnah, the code of Jewish law compiled in the early third century C.E. The statements attributed to the rabbis in Pirkei Avot express the basic concerns and central ideas that occupied the rabbis. Study becomes a religious act; the Torah becomes a text to be constantly studied; the reflections of past Torah study become an important link from one generation to the next; and Torah and its commentary become the literature that mirrors and shapes all Jewish experience.

Join us for in-depth discussions as we continue to grow together.

Class currently meets via Zoom.  Contact Rabbi Noah Kitty for more information about the class.

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